Treaty of St. Mary's (1817)

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<p>The Treaty of St. Mary's was signed on September 29, 1817. It was a supplement to the Treaty of the Maumee Rapids of 1817. In the Treaty of St. Mary's, the United States granted the Wyandot Indiansnatives, the Seneca Indiansnatives, the Shawnee Indiansnatives, and the Ottawa Indians natives additional sums of money for their lands. In addition, the United States agreed to change the terms of the original treaty. The parcels of land that the United States set aside for the Wyandots at Upper Sandusky and for the Shawnee at Wapakoneta were not to be grants of land that the Indians Native Americans could only use for a period of time. Instead, they were sections of land that the Indians Native Americans would own. The United States agreed to make these places Indian Native American reservations. Finally, it was agreed to set aside some additional land for the Indians Native Americans to use as well. </p>
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