Boone, Daniel

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Daniel Boone was a man of the frontier, as the frontier moved; he moved with it and became one of the most well-known men of his time.
Daniel Boone was born in 1734 near Reading, Pennsylvania. He did not have much formal education and spent his youth assisting his father with things such as weaving, blacksmithing, farming, and stock raising. Boone also spent his early years supplementing his family's food supply and money by hunting. In 1750, the family moved to North Carolina, arriving at Buffalo Lick on the Yadkin River a year later. In 1755, he participated in the French and Indian War with a detachment of North Carolina militiamen in General Edward Braddock's attack on Fort Duquesne in western Pennsylvania. Before the army reached the fort, a combined French and Native American force ambushed the British. Braddock was killed, and Boone barely escaped with his life. It was during Braddock's expedition that Boone met John Finley (also reported as Findley or Finely), a hunter and explorer who had visited the Kentucky wilderness on several occasions. Because of Finley's stories, Boone became fascinated with the region.