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|description=Portrait of a young boy sitting on steps holding a shotgun, with his dog as at his side . This photograph was taken by traveling photographer Albert J. Ewing, ca. 18901896-19101912. The photograph Like most of Ewing's work, it was likely taken in southeastern Ohio orcentral West Virginia. Born in 1870 in Washington County, Ohio, near Marietta, Ewing most likely began his photography career in the 1890s. The 1910 US Census and a 1912-1913 directory list him as a photographer. A negative signed "Ewing Brothers" and a picture with his younger brother, Frank, indicate that Frank may have joined the business. After 1916, directories list Albert as a salesman. He died in 1934. The Ewing Collection consists of 5,055 glass plate negatives, each individually housed and numbered. Additionally, the collection includes approximately 450 modern contact prints made from the glass plate negatives. Subjects include infants and young children, elderly people, families, school and religious groups, animals and rural scenes. In 1982, the Ohio Historical Society received the collection, still housed in the original dry plate negative boxes purchased by Albert J. Ewing. A selection of the original glass plate negatives were exhibited for the first time in 2013 at the Ohio Historical Center.
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|source=Ohio Historical Society AV 71, AL06256 from the Albert J. Ewing Collectio Collection Collection.
|author= Albert J. Ewing
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