Northern Largemouth Bass

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{{infobox| image = [[File:Northern Largemouth Bass.jpg]]}}<p>Northern largemouth bass (<em>Micropterus salmoides</em>) are one of Ohio fishermen's favorite game fish for both sport and eating. They can be found in most of Ohio's waters including lakes, ponds, reservoirs and slow, sluggish streams. The name itself easily identifies the largemouth - , their upper jaw extends past the back of the eye. The mouth is generally six inches long! . They can also be recognized by a dark lateral line going from head to tail. Their dorsal fin is split in half, part of it being spiny, the other part &quot;soft.&quot; Adults averae ten to twenty inches in length and one to two pounds, although five to thirteen pounds is not uncommon. </p>
<p>Smallmouth bass are very similar except that its mouth is less than six inches long. It is also confused with the spotted blackbass. They are all members of the sunfish family. A favorite prey, northern bluegills, are also members of this family. </p>
<p>Largemouths spawn in the spring, from May to mid-June. The male will guard the nest until the 2,000-20,000 eggs hatch and continue to watch the young fry for a while. They are true predators, beginning to feed on their life long diet of crayfish, frogs, large insects, small snakes, and other fish, particularly bluegill. Largemouths are most commonly found around cover such as logs and large rocks. This provides them a hiding place in which to wait for prey. </p>