Paleoindian Period

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<p>Paleoindians hunted large and small game animals, fished in the lakes and streams, and gathered nuts and berries. Since they were always on the move their shelters were tents made of wooden poles covered with bark or hides.</p>
<p>One of their most important natural resources was flint. They got flint from several sources. In Ohio, their favorite materials were Upper Mercer flint from Coshocton County and Flint Ridge flint from Licking County. Tools made from flint supplied them with all they needed to live.</p>
<p>Hunting and gathering bands usually have had no chiefs. Leaders are were men and women who have earned the respect of the group because of their abilities at hunting, healing, or providing some other needed goods or services. Men and women were free to leave the band at any time to join another or to fend for themselves. The elders would have been highly valued for their experience and knowledge.</p>
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