Bedrock Geology of Ohio

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| image = [[File:Bedrock Map and Cross Section of OhioOHS_AL02982.jpg]]| caption = Bedrock Map The Glacial Grooves on Kellys Island in Lake Erie are among the largest and Cross Section most famous of Ohioglacially eroded bedrock from the Quaternary Period.
<p>The consolidated rocks that underlie Ohio are ancient and record several episodes of continental collision and mountain building, periodic inundation by warm, shallow seas, and extensive deltas and swamps. Throughout the Late Proterozoic (Precambrian) and Paleozoic Eons, Ohio was in equatorial latitudes and had a warm, tropical climate. The record of life during the Paleozoic Era, exquisitely preserved as fossils, is spectacular in Ohio rocks. In addition, these rocks have yielded abundant mineral resources that have been integral to the industrialization and prosperity of the state. No rock record is preserved in Ohio after the early part of the Permian Period, about 295 million years ago, and much rock was eroded away during this long interval until the beginning of the Pleistocene Ice Age about 2 million years ago. </p>