Hopewell Mound Group

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<p>Ephraim Squier and Edwin Davis initially investigated the Hopewell Mound Group. A summary of their work appeared in 1848 in <em>Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley</em>, the first publication of the Smithsonian Institution. The Davis collection of artifacts is now at the British Museum.</p>
<p>Warren K. Moorehead recovered a remarkable collection of artifacts from the site, which was displayed at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. The bulk of this collection is now held by the Field Museum in Chicago.</p>
<p>Henry C. Shetrone, Ohio History Society (now Ohio History Connection ) archaeologist, excavated much of the surviving portions of the site between 1922 and 1925. The artifacts recovered by these excavations belong to the Ohio History Connection.</p>
<p>The Hopewell Mound Group is now part of Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and the National Park Service continues to investigate the site. In 2001, archaeologists using remote sensing technology discovered a previously undocumented circular feature.</p>
<p>The Hopewell Mound Group is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.</p>