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<p>Flint, a form of Silica and variety of quartz, is a hard and durable mineral. This was known rock characterized by its hardness and brittleness, allowing the rock to William Shakespeare easily break when he wrote <em>Romeo and Julietknapped,</em> and a process during which the flint is heated so that it was known to chips more easily, resulting in razor sharp edges. These qualities made flint the primary material with which American Indians who were making Indian peoples manufactured tools from flint at the same timeand weapons such as knives, arrow and spear heads, and scrapers. Flint There are many Ohio rocks that can be worked into a variety of formstools such as chert, and its surfaces will take a high polish. Small amounts of impurities commonly give a wide variety of colors to flint: redchalcedony, pinkjasper, greenand agate, blue, yellow, gray, white, black. Some combinations of though all these colors in a piece types of flint stone are considered generally referred to be very attractiveas flint. American IndiansHowever, both before and after European contact, used flint to make is truly a wide variety purer form of tools, weapons and ceremonial pieceschert. Skilled workers started with coarse pieces of flint and fashioned such implements as knivesIn Ohio, scrapers, projectile points and pipes. Later, early American settlers used flint for various objects such as millstones and rifle flints. Today, artists use flint extensively can be found bedded in making attractive pieces layers of jewelrylimestone or in deposits transported across the state by glaciers. In 1965, the Ohio General Assembly named flint Ohio’s official gemstone.</p><blockquote>This 'Flint Ridge' must have been as valuable to occurs in strata extending from the Brassfield Limestone of the coal and iron mines of Ohio and Pennsylvania are Silurian to Cambridge Limestone, deposited in the white men of tropical seas that once covered Ohio during the present day.Paleozoic Era</blockquotep><blockquote>Henry Howe, 1888</blockquote><p>In Ohiomany ways, the availability of flint occurs in nodules or beds in Devonian limestones contributed to the rich prehistoric and particularly later Amerian Indian populations and their ability to thrive in Pennsylvanian limestones. It is thought that the silica was derived from the siliceous spicules of spongesOhio. The most conspicuous bed of popular and prolific flint resource in Ohio is associated with the Flint Ridge, a six mile deposit of Pennsylvanian-age Vanport limestone at Flint Ridge in flint, ranging from one to twelve feet deep, spanning parts of eastern Licking and western Muskingum Counties. Although most flint is gray or black in color, Flint Ridge flint is characterized was quarried by its light color with hues of redAmerican Indian tribes for over 12, green, yellow000 years. With trails leading to the site from every direction, American Indians traveled hundreds of miles to quarry flint to replace broken tools and other colorsproduce new ones. Flint Not only was quarried by American Indian peoples Flint Ridge widely visited because of its vast quantities of flint, but the quality of the stone superseded that of any other in the regionstate, and used for spear pointsthe variety of colors available there, knivessuch as green, scrapersblue, yellow, pink, and other functional red, due to chemical impurities in the stone, possibly attracted later Woodland tribes like the Adena (850-50 BC) and ceremonial objectsthe Hopewell (150 BC-450 AD). Today, collectors polish Other flint deposits quarried in Ohio include Zaleski flint into colorful jewelry.</p> <p>The quarries in Vinton and displays of Flint Ridge Jackson Counties and Upper Mercer flint are visible today at in Coshocton, Hocking, and Perry Counties. Flint Ridge State Memorialwas also an important resource for early European settlers who used flint for fire starters, flintlock guns, and buhrstones, large flat stones used to grind grain in early mills.</p>
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