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<p>Flint, a form of Silica and variety of quartz, is a durable rock characterized by its hardness and brittleness, allowing the rock to easily break when knapped, a process during which the flint is heated so that it chips more easily, resulting in razor sharp edges. These qualities made flint the primary material with which American Indian peoples manufactured tools and weapons such as knives, arrow and spear heads, and scrapers. There are many Ohio rocks that can be worked into tools such as chert, chalcedony, jasper, and agate, though all these types of stone are generally referred to as flint. However, flint is truly a purer form of chert. In Ohio, flint can be found bedded in layers of limestone or in deposits transported across the state by glaciers. Ohio flint occurs in strata extending from the Brassfield Limestone of the Silurian to Cambridge Limestone, deposited in the tropical seas that once covered Ohio during the Paleozoic Era.</p>