Ohio Statesman

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After changing hands several more times, the ''Statesman'' was sold on April 1, 1872 to Dodd & Linton publishers, who changed it from a morning to an evening paper. Not long after, an announcement appeared, signed “Statesman Company, by J. P. Linton, manager,” declaring that the ''Daily Ohio Statesman'' had been merged with the ''Daily Dispatch'', an evening paper, known for being non-partisan in politics. The Statesman Company continued to publish the ''Weekly Ohio Statesman'' and also the ''Sunday Statesman''. In the years that followed, the ''Statesman'' would change owners and names several more times. On August 3, 1911, the paper, published by Joseph H. Harper and now titled the ''Columbus News'', finally ceased publication.
Part of this newspaper has been digitized and is available for research via [ Chronicling America]: [ Daily Ohio Statesman, 1861-1869]; and via [ Ohio Memory]: [ Daily Ohio Statesman, 1869-1870]; [ Ohio Statesman, 1870-1872].
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