Homestead Journal and Village Register

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By 1851, the ''Journal'' had adopted yet another motto: "One Father, God.--One Family, Mankind.--One Home, the World." It continued to support national reform efforts, and in 1854, gave its allegiance to the Republican Party. Hinchman retired at the end of March 1854 due to poor health, and J.K. Rukenbrod and J.M. Hutton took over. The final issue of the ''Homestead Journal'' was published on April 4, 1855, with Rukenbrod changing its name to the ''Columbiana County Republican'' to reflect its new political affiliation. The publication continued to change hands and names over the next few decades until 1920 when it, then known as the Republican-Era after its 1890 merger with the ''Salem Era'', was absorbed by the ''Salem News'' which is still published today.
Part of this newspaper have been digitized and are available for research via [ Ohio Memory]: [ Homestead Journal and Village Registerseries, 1842-1845, 1847-1849, 1852-18541855].
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