Ohio's State Song - Beautiful Ohio

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<p>In 1969, the Ohio legislature adopted &quot;Beautiful Ohio&quot; as Ohio's state song. Mary Earl, whose real name was Robert A. &quot;Bobo&quot; King, composed the music. Ballard MacDonald wrote the original lyrics to the 1918 song. In 1989, with the permission of the Ohio legislature, Wilbert B. McBride altered the lyrics.</p>
<p>In his version, MacDonald describes a rather fanciful view of Ohio, describing it as a &quot;paradise,&quot; where two people fell in love. McBride also described Ohio in a stellar light, using terms like &quot;majestic,&quot; &quot;beautiful,&quot; and &quot;lovely.&quot; In addition, He provided a more accurate portrayal of the state by referring to the state's industries, cities, and farmland, deleting MacDonald's lovers from the song.</p>
<div><br />LYRICS:<br />
<div>I sailed away;<br /> Wandered afar; <br />Crossed the mighty restless sea; <br />Looked for where I ought to be. <br />Cities so grand, mountains above, <br />Led to this land I love.<br />