Ohio Orphan's Friend

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The ''Waisenfreund'' is predominantly German language, and unlike many German-American newspapers, it survived the anti-German sentiment during World War I. It began to include more English-language content and its circulation remained high until the 1940s, at times sustaining over 30,000 subscribers. In 1907, the ''Waisenfreund'' absorbed the ''Cincinnati Wahrheits-Freund'' (“Friend of Truth”), the oldest German Catholic newspaper in the United States; and in 1943, it absorbed the ''Buffalo Aurora und Christliche Woche'' (“Aurora and Christian Week”). For the last decade of publication, the ''Waisenfreund'' was printed both in Columbus, Ohio, and by the Wanderer Printing Company in St, Paul, Minnesota (as the “Ausgabe des “‘Wanderer’” or “Wanderer Edition”). The ''Waisenfreund'' ceased publication in 1953 by which point its circulation had diminished to less than 5,000.
Part of this newspaper has been digitized and is available for research via [ Chronicling America]: [ Ohio, 1873-1874]; [ Ohio Waisenfreund, 1874-1875, 1940-1953].
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