Mt. Pleasant, Ohio

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{{infobox| image = [[File:Mount Pleasant map.jpg]]}}<p>The community of MtWe are currently updating this entry. Pleasant, now known as Mt. Healthy, was founded in the 1810s on land originally owned by John Cleves Symmes. The town began with a tavern built by John LaBoiteaux circa 1815 along the Hamilton Pike which allowed We are sorry for strong connections to the city of Cincinnatiany inconvenience this may cause. Over the next several years, a number of homes and businesses grew up alongside the tavern, so that by the 1830s Mt. Pleasant had a population of more than two hundred people.</p><p>The town prospered economically in the following decades, including not only retail establishments but also some light manufacturing. Businesses included a number of taverns, a furniture factory, several garment factories, wagon makers, and potteries. In addition to the town's earliest inhabitants who were English, German, If you need additional information or French immigrantshave any questions, the area also attracted a number of Roman Catholics and African Americansplease contact us at ohc@ohiohistory. In the years prior to the Civil War, the community was also known for its meetings of the Liberty Partyorg.</p><p>The community began to be known as Mt. Healthy because it tended to avoid the cholera epidemics of nearby Cincinnati. When it was incorporated as a village in 1893 it was officially named Mt. Healthy. However, the local post office had referred to the town as Mt. Healthy since 1884, trying to avoid confusion with another Ohio town also called Mt. PleasantThank you.</p><p>Mt. Healthy's ties with the city of Cincinnati strengthened in 1898, when an electric trolley line extended to the area. In the twentieth century, as automobile use became more widespread, Mt. Healthy became an official suburb of Cincinnati.</p>==See Also==<div class="seeAlsoText">*[[African Americans]]*[[Roman Catholic Church]]*[[Mt. Healthy, Ohio]]*[[Liberty Party]]*[[American Civil War]]*[[Automobiles]]*[[Cholera Epidemics]]*[[Cincinnati, Ohio]]*[[German Ohioans]]*[[Ohio]]*[[John C. Symmes]]</div>==References==<div class="referencesText">#Hamilton Avenue Road Project Healthy History, Mt. Healthy Historical Society</div>[[Category:History Places]][[Category:Early Statehood]][[Category:Communities and Counties]][[Category:Transportation]]