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Teresa Marzetti was the founder of the T. Marzetti Company in Columbus, Ohio.

Marzetti was born 1878. She came from Florence in Italy. The name Marzetti is from her husband, Piacentini was originally her last name. In 1896, Marzetti and her husband Joseph immigrated to the United States of America, settling in Columbus that same year.

Upon arriving in Columbus, Marzetti established an Italian restaurant near The Ohio State University campus. The Marzetti restaurant found success, becoming popular with Ohio State students. Before opening this original restaurant, Marzetti wrote, "We will start a new place and serve good food. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we will serve good food."

Joseph Marzetti passed away in 1911, leaving his wife to run the business herself. She opened a second restaurant on Gay Street in downtown Columbus in 1919. Marzetti became known for her various salad dressings, especially her coleslaw and French dressing. Marzetti and her second husband, Carl Schaufele, opened a third restaurant on Broad Street in downtown Columbus in 1940, which would replace the two older Marzetti restaurants.

By 1947, the second floor of Marzetti’s Broad Street restaurant had become a factory dedicated to producing her now famous dressings for sale in stores across Ohio. In 1955, Marzetti opened a bottling facility for the dressings on Indianola Avenue in Columbus, allowing the T. Marzetti Company to produce even more dressing.

Carl Schaufele died in June, 1969. That same year Marzetti sold her company to the Lancaster Colony Corporation, which continues to use the Marzetti name today. Teresa Marzetti died in 1972, and in that same year, her restaurant closed permanently. She was outlived by her two daughters; Gertrude Brown and Irene Johnson.

Today, the T. Marzetti Company continues to produce Marzetti's dressings as well as additional food products. Among these products are an expanded line of dressings and the Cardini's, Girard's, New York, Mamma Bella, and Sister Schubert's brands of food. In 2007, the T. Marzetti Company sold more than 200 million dollars in products.

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