Treaty of the Maumee Rapids (1817)

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Also known as the Treaty of the Rapids of the Miami of Lake Erie, the Treaty of the Maumee Rapids was signed on September 29, 1817. In this treaty the Wyandot, the Seneca, the Lenape (Delaware), the Shawnee, the Potawatomi, the Ottawa, and the Ojibwe (Chippewa) relinquished their claim to four million acres of land in northwestern Ohio. The treaty was also known as the Treaty with the Wyandot and the Fort Meigs Treaty.

The United States government agreed to pay four thousand dollars each year to the Wyandot, five hundred dollars a year to the Seneca, and two thousand dollars a year to the Shawnees. The United States also agreed to pay $1,300 a year for fifteen years to the Potawatomis, one thousand dollars a year for fifteen years to the Ottawa, one thousand dollars a year for fifteen years to the Chippewa, and a single payment of five hundred dollars to the Lenape. In addition, some tribes received additional cash payments for damages they suffered during the War of 1812 because they were allies of the United States. The United States agreed to grant land to the various tribes as well. The Wyandot received a twelve-mile-square reservation at Upper Sandusky. The Senecas received thirty thousand acres along the Sandusky River. The Shawnee received a ten-mile-square reservation at Wapakoneta in addition to several other grants. The Ottawa received a small parcel along the Auglaize River, while the Lenape were allotted a nine-mile-square reservation next to the Wyandots' land. The Treaty of St. Mary's amended and supplemented the Treaty of Maumee Rapids. The Treaty of St. Mary's was signed later that same day.

Captain Pipe and Black Hoof were two of the signers of the Treaty of the Maumee Rapids.

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