United Hungarian Societies

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The United Hungarian Societies was an organization that united together the various Hungarian cultural and social institutions that were located in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1900, fewer than seventeen thousand Hungarian immigrants resided in Ohio. By 1920, their numbers had soared to 73,181 people. Most of these Hungarians settled along Lake Erie, especially in Cleveland. In 1920, more than forty-three thousand Hungarians resided in Cleveland alone. Over time, dozens of Hungarian social, cultural, and aid societies formed in Cleveland. To coordinate the efforts of these various institutions, one dozen of these organizations created the United Hungarian Societies in 1902.

The United Hungarian Societies grew quickly. In 1937, sixty-one organizations belonged to the United Hungarian Societies, but the number declined to fifty by 1977. Despite the declining membership, the group continues to exist in the twenty-first century. During the twentieth century, not only did the United Hungarian Societies coordinate the activities of various Hungarian groups, but it also carried out fundraising drives to assist Hungarians both in Cleveland and around the world. During the Great Depression, the organization also established an employment service for unemployed Hungarians living in Cleveland.

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