Wells W. Miller

From Ohio History Central

Wells W. Miller was Ohio's ninth Secretary of Agriculture. The Secretary of Agriculture served as the head of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture.

Miller was born in 1842, in New York. In 1852, he moved with his parents to Castalia, Ohio. Miller enrolled at Oberlin College, but left this institution before graduating to enlist in the United States Army during the American Civil War. He rose to the rank of captain in the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Upon the war's conclusion, Miller returned to Ohio. He eventually became a teacher at Castalia High School in Sandusky, Ohio.

Besides teaching, Miller also found employment as a farmer, eventually becoming one of Ohio's most respected agriculturalists. Miller served in various positions in the Ohio Grange, as well as in the national Grange organization. He also held numerous positions within the Ohio Board of Agriculture, including Secretary of Agriculture from 1894 to 1906. Miller died in 1906.