Akron Vulcans

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The Akron Vulcans was a professional football team in Akron, Ohio.  The team played in the Continental Football League for part of the 1967 season. Serving as a minor league for the National Football League and the American Football League, the Continental Football League only existed for a short period, from 1964 to 1969. 

The city of Akron was certain it could support a professional football team. The owner, Frank Hurn, convinced the citizens and the Continental Football League that his team, under head coach Ned Endress, would be a sports and financial success for the city and the league. 

During the 1967 season, The Akron Vulcans played only four games in the Continental Football League. The team won one game and lost the other three before disbanding due to financial difficulties and scandals.  Owner Frank Hurn did not have the money to support the team as he had promised.  Bad checks, unpaid bills, unpaid loans and dishonesty led to the downfall of the Vulcans.  The coaches and players could not be paid their salary.  Even the laundry business that cleaned the team uniforms after each game was not being paid.  Eventually, the laundry would not give back their uniforms until all bills were paid.

The Akron Vulcans franchise of the Continental Football League ended. Frank Hurn fled to Florida, but later returned in 1968,  pleaded guilty in Summit County Court to fraud and served three years in prison.

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