Batavia, Ohio

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Batavia is the county seat of Clermont County, Ohio. Established in 1814, Batavia became the seat of government in 1824, although Ezekiel Dimmit constructed the first cabin in the future town in 1797. The community grew slowly, having only 537 residents in 1840. By 1880, Batavia had 1,015 residents. Three newspapers, three churches, one bank, one carriage manufacturer, and one shoe factory existed in the community.

In 2003, Batavia claimed 1,649 residents. The city boasts a branch campus of the University of Cincinnati. In 2003, eighteen percent of Batavia's residents over twenty-five years of age had attained a four-year college degree. Many of Batavia's residents actually commute to the city of Cincinnati, which is approximately twenty-four miles away, to work.

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