Belted Kingfisher

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Scientific Name: Ceyrle alcyon
Habitat: Wetlands and open waters such as creeks. large rivers and along the margins of ponds and lake
Adult Weight: 5 - 5.25 oz.
Adult Body Length: 12 inches
Nesting Period: April - May
Broods Per Year: 1
Clutch Size: 5 - 8
Foods: Mainly minnows and small fish; also crayfish and other small invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.


The kingfisher hovers over the water's edge, then dives, head first to grab its prey. They nest in burrows dug along the banks of waterways.


20th Century

Kingfishers have been fairly common throughout Ohio during the past century. A small decline in population has occurred during the last sixty years in some western counties. Most who live in the northern portion of Ohio migrate during the winter months. 

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