Bradford Tavern

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The Bradford Tavern, West Union's first inn built ca. 1804, served the Maysville-Zanesville stagecoach route and such travelers as Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and Santa Anna. After 1840, it was continued as the Marlatt House and, later, the Crawford House. Robert Lawler operated it as the Commercial Hotel, 1904-1919. In 1936, Mr. and Mrs. William Lafferty restored the building as the "Olde Wayside Inn."

The Bradford Tavern was one of the first inns built in West Union, Ohio.

In 1804, General David Bradford built an inn. It became a popular stop for travelers along the road between  Maysville, Kentucky and Zanesville, Ohio. A number of important people stayed at the inn, including Senator Henry Clay, United States of President Andrew Jackson, and President and Dictator of Mexico Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Over the years the inn has had several names including the Bradford Tavern, the Marlatt House, the Crawford House, and the Commercial Hotel. Known since 1936 as the Olde Wayside Inn, the building has continued to provide housing and food to travelers.