Carson W. Newton

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Musician/Actor Wayne Newton strums the guitar during his USO show at the Patriotic Festival held on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. May 29, 2005

Wayne Newton is an American singer, actor and entertainer.

Carson Wayne Newton was born on April 3, 1942, in Norfolk, Virginia. While Newton was still a child, his family moved to a home near Newark, Ohio. He began singing in local clubs, theaters, and fairs with his brother. Because of his connection with Newark, the city selected Newton to be the grand marshal of its bicentennial parade in 2003.

Newton later traveled across the United States, performing with the Grand Ole Opry. On one occasion, he sang for President Harry S. Truman. In 1952, the Newton family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the hope that the dryer air would help Wayne cope with his asthma. Before he graduated from high school, Newton and his brother had hired an agent and received a contract perform in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Originally, the Newton brothers were to perform for two weeks. They were such a popular act that they remained in Las Vegas for five years. The brothers performed six shows per day. The Newtons continued to prosper, especially after appearing on The Jackie Gleason Show. Wayne was hired to be an opening act for Benny Goodman. Newton returned to Las Vegas following his work with Goodman. He first headlined at the Flamingo Hotel and later worked in many nightclubs and casinos in the city. Newton appeared in six shows per week for forty weeks per years at the Stardust Hotel and Casino until the hotel closed in 2005. He continues to travel and perform. Because of his long affiliation with Las Vegas, he has been nicknamed "Mr. Las Vegas."

Newton has also had roles in a number of movies and television shows.

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