Cass Gilbert

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New York Life Insurance Building, 1926.jpg
Picture was taken from the observation deck at the Empire State Building.

An early proponent of skyscrapers in works like the Woolworth Building, Gilbert was also responsible for numerous museums and libraries (Saint Louis Art Museum), state capitol buildings (the Minnesota, Arkansas and West Virginia State Capitols, for example) as well as the United States Supreme Court building.

Cass Gilbert was a well-known American Architect in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Gilbert was born in Zanesville, Ohio, on November 24, 1859. His father died in 1868, and Gilbert found a job working as a surveyor in a local architect's office. It was there that he gained an interest in architecture. He studied for a year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before traveling to Europe to obtain additional training.

Gilbert began to make a name for himself as an architect after designing Minnesota's new state capitol building in 1896. His design was chosen for a new United States Customs building in New York City, and he designed the Woolworth Building as well. In 1908, Gilbert was elected president of the American Institute of Architects. Later in his career, he was chosen to be president of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, an honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and a member of the French Legion of Honor. He also served on the National Commission of Fine Arts. Gilbert's best-known design was the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.

Cass Gilbert died in England in 1934.

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