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Ohio has been at the forefront of business and industry for much of its history. With the arrival of the earliest settlers, agriculture quickly arose as the dominant business in what is now Ohio. Between the 1780s and the 1870s, most Ohioans earned their living off of the land. By the late nineteenth century, Ohio underwent tremendous change economically, as industrialization erupted in the state. Coal, oil, and iron ore mining became important businesses. Factories began to manufacture rubber and steel products. With the dawn of the twentieth century, automobile production occurred. Thousands of people moved into Ohio's cities, seeking jobs in the new industries. These people included former residents of Ohio's rural communities, people from within the United States, and also foreigners. By the 1960s and 1970s, many manufacturing industries began to close. This was partly due to competition, but many businesses also relocated to other states and countries. In recent years, Ohio businesses have shifted to more service-oriented positions.

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