Columbus Tigers

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Columbus Panhandles Football Team.jpg
Group portrait of the Columbus Panhandles Football Team, identified from left to right as: John Nesser, Frank Nesser, Reagan Burton, Andy Kertzinger, Chief Henry, Ed Hughes, Joe Carr (founder and manager), Harry Greenwood, Phil Nesser, Fred Nesser, Baker, and Carlise. The Panhandles were one of the first professional football teams to join the American Professional Football Association, renamed the National Football League, when it formed in 1920. They operated as a professional football franchise from 1920-1922, then again from 1923-1926. Note: Complete name identification and date provided by Chris Willis, former OHS

employee now with NFL Films.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association formed. This organization became the National Football League in 1922. Among its original fourteen teams was the Columbus Panhandles, which would eventually become known as the Columbus Tigers. The team played its home games in Columbus, Ohio.

Before joining the American Professional Football Association in 1920, the Panhandles had represented Columbus against other non-professional football teams. Joseph Carr, president of the National Football League (1921-1938) formed the team in 1904. Before joining the American Professional Football Association the Panhandles only had seven winning seasons. During 1920, the team’s first year in the American Professional Football Association, the Panhandles finished thirteenth. The next two seasons, the squad finished seventeenth and eighteenth respectively, near the bottom of the league.

Following the 1922 season, the Panhandles became the Columbus Tigers. This new team played in the 1923 to 1926 seasons before disbanding. In 1923, the Tigers attained their best ranking in the NFL, finishing eighth. The next season, the squad finished tenth, and then ended their final two seasons twentieth and nineteenth respectively.

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