Cuyahoga Community College

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On September 23, 1963, Cuyahoga Community College opened in Cleveland, Ohio. The institution was Ohio's first community college, offering two-year Associates degrees. More than three thousand students, the largest number of students to enroll in a community college's first academic term in United States history, enrolled in the institution, which also is known as Tri-C.

Tri-C grew quickly. By the late 1990s, more than fifty-five thousand students enrolled at the college every academic year, making Cuyahoga Community College Ohio's largest community college. A majority of the students came from Cuyahoga County. Between 1963 and 2005, more than 700,000 or one out of every five Cuyahoga County residents had enrolled in Tri-C. In 2005, the college consisted of three campuses, located in Cleveland, Ohio, Parma, Ohio, and Highland Hills, Ohio. This same year, Cuyahoga Community College also offered classes at two industrial sites and at fifty other off-campus sites, as well as courses on-line and through distance learning. The average student in 2005 was nearly thirty years of age. Two-thirds of the students were women. At this time, Cuyahoga Community College offered courses in 130 degree, certificate, or transfer programs.

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