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Founded in Kent, Ohio, the Davey Tree Expert Company is one of the leading tree-care businesses in the United States of America.

In 1880, John Davey, an English immigrant, established the Davey Tree Expert Company. At this time, John Davey was recognized as one of the leading tree authorities in the entire world. The company grew slowly at first, but this changed in 1911, when Davey contracted with the federal government to treat trees on the grounds of the United States Capitol Building. The Davey Tree Expert Company also soon cared for other important trees, including one planted by George Washington. The firm received much attention for its work, and profits quickly grew.

John Davey died on November 9, 1923. His son, Martin, became the company's new president. The Davey Tree Expert Company remained in the Davey family until 1979, when employees purchased the business. In 2008, the firm was the largest employee-owned company in Ohio. In 2006, the company had a net income of fourteen million dollars. In 2008, the Davey Tree Expert Company employed seven thousand people in forty-five states and six Canadian provinces.

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