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Dnipro Chorus

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The Dnipro Chorus is a Ukrainian choral group in Cleveland, Ohio.

Beginning in the late nineteenth century, a sizable number of Ukrainian immigrants came to the United States of America. Thousands of them eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio and in surrounding communities. In 1955, these immigrants formed the Dnipro Chorus. The Dnipro Chorus was a choral musical group. The organization originally included only men, and by 1959, it boasted fifty members. Five years later, the Dnipro Chorus had doubled in size. The group performed traditional Ukrainian music across the Midwest, and its members even sang at the World's Fair in Montreal, Canada, in 1967. The Dnipro Chorus continues to perform at the time of this writing. The choir is just one example of how immigrant Ohioans tried to preserve their native cultures and beliefs.

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