Edmont Manufacturing Company

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In 1933, Edward Montgomery began experimenting with covering cotton gloves with vulcanized rubber. His experiments initially took place in his garage, but upon perfecting the process, Montgomery eventually moved the operation to an abandoned foundry in Coshocton, Ohio. By coating the cotton gloves in latex, Montgomery enhanced the gloves' durability.

In 1934, Montgomery established the Edmont Manufacturing Company. In 1951, he relocated his business to new facilities in Coshocton. Over the next several years, the Edmont Manufacturing Company emerged as the world's largest producer of coated gloves. In 1966, Montgomery retired from the business and sold it to Becton, Dickinson and Company. In 1989, Pacific Dunlop, Lt. acquired the business and created Ansell Edmont Industrial.

Upon retiring, Montgomery used proceeds from the sale of Edmont Manufacturing Company to restore Roscoe Village, a recreated canal town in Coshocton.

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