Elijah Wadsworth

From Ohio History Central

Elijah Wadsworth was an American general during the War of 1812. Following American General William Hull's surrender at Detroit in August 1812, British forces could strike American settlements in northern Ohio relatively easily. Wadsworth was responsible for organizing recruits at Old Portage along the Cuyahoga River. Once these men received some minimal training and supplies, Wadsworth, along with General Simon Perkins, dispatched them to Huron and Lower Sandusky, as well as other vulnerable points in northern Ohio. He also ordered the construction of several blockhouses to defend the United States' northwestern frontier. Confusion characterized the War of 1812 for the Americans in Ohio at this point. It was not until 1813, with the American victories in the Battle of the Thames and the Battle of Lake Erie, that a tenuous sense of safety ensued for Ohioans.

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