First Night Flight in World History

From Ohio History Central

Ohioan Walter Richard Brookins made the first night flight in world history.

Brookins was born on July 11, 1889, in Dayton, Ohio. As a young man, the Wright Brothers taught Brookins to fly. The brothers employed him as a member of the Wright Brothers' exhibition team. In this capacity, Brookins made the first night flight in history one evening in Alabama during 1910. Brookins also was the first man to fly more than one mile high in the sky, attaining an altitude of 6,175 feet in 1910.

Brookins died on April 29, 1953. He illustrates the important role that Ohioans have played in aviation. With such important names as the Wright Brothers, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and numerous others, Ohioans have been at the forefront of aviation history.

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