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Garford Company

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Studebaker-Garford Touring Car, 1908.jpg
Studebaker-Garford touring car image from the "Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles" copyright date 1908 by the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers.

By the early 1900s, Elyria, Ohio, businessman Arthur Garford had amassed a sizable fortune from the Garford Manufacturing Company. Garford eventually sold this company to George Worthington, who renamed the firm the Worthington Manufacturing Company. In conjunction with George Pope, a bicycle and automobile manufacturer, Garford, utilizing funds from the Garford Manufacturing Company's sale, soon formed the Federal Manufacturing Company. In 1904, Garford purchased Pope's share in the firm, and this same year, Garford renamed the company the Garford Company. The Garford Company primarily manufactured Studebaker-Garford automobiles. The company began production in 1904 and ceased production in 1911, having manufactured only 2,481 Studebaker-Garford cars. In 1908, Garford sold his majority interest in the Garford Company to Studebaker. Studebaker officials sold the Garford Company to the Willys-Overland Company in 1911.

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