Hopewell Furnace

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One of the first iron manufacturing establishments in Ohio was Hopewell Furnace. Established in 1804, Hopewell Furnace was located near Youngstown. Northeastern Ohio would emerge as the primary region for iron and steel production in Ohio during the second half of the nineteenth century, although southern Ohio also had its fair share of iron businesses especially in Gallia, Scioto, and Jackson Counties.

Iron production during the early nineteenth century usually occurred on "plantations." These were relatively isolated communities established on land owned by an iron company. Usually, all of the items necessary to produce iron -- limestone, timber, and iron ore -- were readily available. Once the workers exhausted their supply of these materials, the furnace would close and move to new ground with an ample supply of resources. Most of these furnaces produced pig iron, which would then be constructed into machinery, building supplies and kitchen items.

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