Horned Lark

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Scientific Name: Eremophila alpestris
Habitat: Open, desolate areas such as prairies, open fields, golf courses, strip mines and airports
Adult Weight: 1.25 - 1.75 oz.
Adult Body Length: 7 - 8 inches
Nesting Period: March - April
Broods Per Year: 1
Clutch Size: 3-5
Foods: Mainly seeds and insects


The horned lark is the first songbird to nest in Ohio in the spring.


19th Century

The horned lark, like other prairie birds, did not expand their range into Ohio until the 1880s. Their range grew rapidly.

20th Century

By 1900, they were common residents in the northern and western counties of Ohio. As habitats changed, so did their range. Horned larks can be found throughout the state, but are uncommon in the northeastern and unglaciated portions of the state.


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