Hsiang-his K'ung

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H. H. Kung

K'ung Hsiang-his, also known as H.H. Kung, was born in the Shanxi Province of China in 1881. As a teenager, he attended schools run by missionaries from Oberlin College in Taigu, China. Among Kung's teachers was Alice Moon Williams, a former student at Oberlin College. Williams assisted Kung in enrolling at Oberlin College. Kung actually stayed in Williams's home while he attended Oberlin. Upon graduating from Oberlin, Kung enrolled in graduate school at Yale University.

Upon returning to China, Kung amassed a sizable fortune as a banker. He also became involved in politics. He served as China's minister of industry and commerce from 1928-1931, minister of finance from 1933-1944, and as governor of the Central Bank of China from 1933-1945. Kung became the premier of the Republic of China, the head of the Chinese government, on January 1, 1938. He served in this capacity until November 20, 1939.

Following the communist seizure of China, which formally occurred in 1950, Kung moved to the United States. He died in 1967.

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