Huckleberry Holland

From Ohio History Central

Huckleberry Holland is one of two groundhogs in Ohio known for predicting the arrival of spring. A native of Holland, Ohio, Huckleberry began predicting spring's arrival in 2001, when he was just one year old.

From late September until early April, Huckleberry spends his time hibernating. He enjoys spending the summer traveling on his owner's All-Terrain-Vehicle. He also loves to eat peanut butter and toast, as well as potato chips, dried fruit, and iced tea, among other items. He also is litter-box trained.

Using groundhogs to predict the weather came from Germany. A long-held German tradition states that if a hibernating animal sees its shadow on February 2, six more weeks of winter will occur. In the United States, this tradition evolved into Ground Hog Day. Generally, wild groundhogs live to only two years of age while domesticated ones commonly live to ten years of age.

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