Joseph and Feiss Company

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The Joseph and Feiss Company is an important clothing manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Clothing manufacturer Koch and Loeb was founded in Cleveland, in 1845. At one time, the company was one of the largest of its kind in the United States. In 1907, Koch and Loeb changed its name to the Joseph and Feiss Company. The business focused on producing men's and boys' clothing under the label "Clothcraft Clothes."

The Joseph and Feiss Company became known for its application of Progressive ideas to its factories in the early twentieth century. Managers worked to make the production process more efficient so that clothing could be produced more cheaply and quickly. At the same time, company leaders did much to improve the lives of employees as well. Many of the company's workers were recent immigrants to the United States. Joseph and Feiss offered free medical care for workers, as well as the opportunity to take classes in English and other subjects. The company also operated a library where workers could go to borrow books or to have a quiet place to read.

In 1966, the company merged with Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., and in 1987, Hugo Boss AG, a West German company, purchased the firm. At the time of this writing, the Joseph and Feiss Company continues to be headquartered in Cleveland. The company employs approximately four hundred workers.

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