Kingsbury Baby

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The Kingsbury baby was the first child born to a white couple in the Connecticut Western Reserve.

The child was born in early 1797. James Kingsbury and his wife, Eunice Waldo Kingsbury, were the child's parents. Unfortunately for the Kingsburys, the child did not survive very long. Children living on the western frontier typically faced high death rates. During the winter of 1796-1797, James Kingsbury returned to the family's former home in New Hampshire, hoping to acquire needed supplies. He left his family behind in the Connecticut Western Reserve. When Kingsbury returned two months later, his infant son was dying from starvation, and his wife also was near death. The son perished, but Eunice recovered. The Kingsburys never named their son, as he died soon after birth. The couple did have twelve other children over the course of their married life.

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