Lancaster Colony Corporation

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Founded in Columbus, Ohio, the Lancaster Colony Corporation is a holding company.

In 1961, John B. Gerlach established the Lancaster Colony Corporation. The company is a holding company. A holding company oversees the operation of other companies. Gerlach included all companies in which he controlled a majority interest under the Lancaster Colony Corporation. Among the products originally manufactured by the Lancaster Colony Corporation's interests were stemware, television components, plastic tableware, cookware, specialty food products, work gloves, and bath and kitchen accessories. Today, the company focuses upon specialty foods and glassware and candles. In 1969, the company earned nearly sixty-four million dollars. By 1994, profits had reached 722 million dollars. The Lancaster Colony Corporation's specialty foods division, which includes, the T. Marzetti Company, accounted for fifty-one percent of the corporation's profit in 2002.

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