Lima Locomotive Works

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Lima Locomotive Works, Lima, Allen County, Ohio,

ca. 1940-1949.

The Lima Locomotive Works was established in 1879, in Lima, Ohio.

The company was originally known as the Lima Machine Works. The company produced primarily locomotives for railroad companies. In 1879, the company successfully built three locomotives. Over the next decade, production increased dramatically, with the firm manufacturing its 450th locomotive in 1893.

During its history of operation, the Lima Locomotive Works employed thousands of workers. The company sold its product across the United States as well as around the world. The business ceased production of train engines in 1949, having manufactured 7,769 locomotives. This made the Lima Locomotive Works the third largest producer of train engines in the United States. Before ending train production, the company had merged with the General Machinery Company of Hamilton, Ohio in 1947. In 1951, the company joined with Baldwin Locomotive to become Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton. Following 1949, the company continued to operate, primarily producing equipment for factories. The firm ceased all production in 1980.

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