Little Brown Jug

From Ohio History Central

Since 1956, the Little Brown Jug has been one of the horse races in the Triple Crown of Pacing. The competition first occurred in 1946, and it has always taken place at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio. Ensign Hanover won the first Little Brown Jug, claiming $35,358.00 in prize money. Twenty-seven thousand people watched the inaugural race.

Since 1946, the Little Brown Jug has continued to grow. Now more than fifty thousand people travel to see the race every year. The Little Brown Jug holds the record (56,000 people) for the largest crowd to see a harness racing event. The Delaware County Fairgrounds has one of the fastest tracks on the circuit, partially due to its steep banking. The horse Million Dollar Cam holds the track record of one minute and fifty seconds, set in 2002.

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