Little No-No and Sniffy

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"Sniffy," "Little No-No and Sniffy," and "Norbert" were cartoons principally drawn by Cleveland, Ohioan George Leonard Fett.

In 1961, Fett embarked upon his career as a cartoonist. "Sniffy" his first syndicated strip, began publication on June 29, 1964. The strip originally starred the character Sniffy, a dog, which Fett modeled after his own beagle. Over time, Fett added additional characters, which were also based on animals that Fett knew. As new characters joined the comic, the strip was renamed "Little No-No and Sniffy" in 1970 and "Norbert" in 1973. The comic never gained acclaim in the United States of America, but it was especially well received in Japan and Australia. Fett drew the comic until he retired on January 2, 1982. Cartoonist Dick Cavalli then drew the comic until September 26, 1983, when production of the strip ended.

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