Luna Moth

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With thin, velvety, pale green wings spanning three to five inches, which taper down to form three inch long curving tails, luna moths (Actias luna) are some of the most beautiful moths in North America. The key in identifying lunas is the transparent eye-spot on each wing. Their bodies are white and its legs are a pinkish-white. Like most moths, they are nocturnal.

Lunas are considered one of the giant silk moths. Within their deciduous hardwood forest habitats, the bright green caterpillars, with a row of white to pink to light brown spots on the side and bristles on top, will feed on leaves of sweetgum, walnut, sumac and persimmon trees. The caterpillars make oval cocoons of light brown silk that rests on leaf litter. No longer a caterpillar, it has become a pupa as the metamorphic process continues.

Upon maturity adults have a life span of only one week. They do not feed during this stage of life.

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