Mineral Resources

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This 'Flint Ridge' must have been as valuable to the Indians...as the coal and iron mines of Ohio and Pennsylvania are to the white men of the present day.

Henry Howe, 1888.

The practice of mining in Ohio began with the prehistoric, American Indians, long before Euro-Americans and African Americans migrated into the Ohio Country. These "first Ohioans" dug flint for both tools and weapons. They also used flint as a trade item. Furthermore, the Indians removed salt from natural brines that occur mainly in the eastern half of the state. And they used clay in making pottery.

During the 1800s, Ohioans began to use the state's mineral resources. As the state grew so did its production of native minerals. These energy and industrial minerals became a very important factor in the development of Ohio's economic importance. There is no production of precious gems in Ohio.


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