National Organization for Women

From Ohio History Central

In 1966, a group of women formed the National Organization for Women (NOW). These women sought to bring political pressure on government officials to guarantee women equal rights with men. NOW members have lobbied for an equal rights amendment to the United States Constitution, fought to protect women's right to an abortion, as well as sought to gain women equal pay for equal work with men. In 2005, NOW had more than 500,000 members.

Numerous local chapters of NOW exist in Ohio, especially in the state's major cities. During the early 1970s, these groups helped convince the Ohio government to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Over the past four decades, Ohio NOW chapters have also triumphed women candidates for political offices or men in favor of women's issues. They also have played a major part in the debate over abortion, as well as helping women gain access into traditionally male-dominated professions.

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