Norton Field

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Located at Columbus, Ohio, Norton Field was the first airfield to be built in central Ohio. By the 1920s, aircraft development was making airplanes more reliable. The United States government began giving pilots contracts to deliver the mail by air. In order to have mail drop-off and pick-up points and places to refuel, Americans built numerous airfields across the nation during this time period. Norton Field honored First Lieutenant Fred William Norton, who had died of wounds sustained while flying during World War I.

In 1929, Norton Field hosted an event known as the Great Ohio Air War. Looking at its experiences during World War I, the United States government realized that aircraft would be important in fighting any future wars. As a result, military pilots needed more combat training. The Great Ohio Air War was a training exercise that lasted ten days. One of the most significant aspects of the event was that it was the first time that the military used Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground radio communications.

Today, a historical marker commemorates Norton Field's importance. The marker is located on East Broad Street in Columbus.

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