Ohio Education Association

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Kindergarten Class.jpg
Group portrait of a kindergarten class with their teacher,

Mrs. Pond, in Warren, Ohio, 1898.

In 1847, a group of teachers met at the Summit County, Ohio, courthouse and established the Ohio State Teachers’ Association. The first members of this organization were from the northern portion of Ohio, but the Ohio State Teachers’ Association quickly recruited teachers from across the state. The group’s main goal was to improve public education in Ohio by lobbying local, state, and federal government officials.

During the twentieth century, the Ohio State Teachers’ Association became the Ohio Education Association (OEA). This organization remains committed to improving public schools in Ohio for both the students and the teachers. The OEA consistently lobbies for better school facilities, increased funding for education, smaller class sizes, and better textbooks and sufficient materials in the classrooms. The organization also has sought improved benefits and increased pay for teachers. In 2005, more than 131,000 teachers and administrators belonged to the OEA. More than 750 OEA affiliates exist in Ohio, amounting to nearly one in every school district in the state.

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