Ohio Tobacco Museum

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Located in Ripley, Ohio, the Ohio Tobacco Museum commemorates the important role that tobacco played in southern Ohio's economy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Established in 1988, the Ohio Tobacco Museum is located in a Georgian style house, which dates to the 1850s. One of the home's owners was the Espey family, which owned the Espey Heavy Munition Works in Cincinnati during the American Civil War. This business manufactured cannons, including three cannons that Ripley residents used to defend their community, for the Northern war effort during the conflict.

The Ohio Tobacco Museum is the only museum dedicated to tobacco in Ohio. The museum consists of several rooms, with each room having its own themed display. Among the rooms are the "History Room," which traces tobacco's history in southern Ohio, the "River Room," which describes the Ohio River's important role in Ohio's economy, and the "Tobacco Farm Tool Room," which consists of various implements that farmers have used to grow tobacco.

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