Oxford Female Institute

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In 1849, Herman B. Mayo, Alfred Luce, Robert H. Bishop, Jr., Peter D. Matson, Samuel R. Mollyneaux, Peter Sutton, William H. Smith, William A. Irwin, and Francis H. Peyton established the Oxford Female Institute. This institution was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and the Reverend John Witherspoon Scott, father of First Lady Carol Scott Harrison, served as the school’s first president. He remained as president of the Oxford Female Institute until 1855, and his daughter, Caroline, graduated from the school in 1853.

Over the years, the Oxford Female Institute became known by various names. In 1867, the institute merged with the Oxford Female College and became known by this institution’s name. Twenty-three years later the Oxford Female College changed its name to Oxford College, and in 1906, the institution became known as the Oxford College for Women. In 1928, Miami University assumed control of the Oxford College for Women.

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